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Columbia Lighting is committed to providing you with energy management products, tools, and information through our createchange® energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Our energy solutions are designed to reduce carbon emissions, mercury toxicity in the environment, and ultimately our dependence on foreign oil. And just as important, createchange® energy solutions immediately reduce your overhead.

To realize the full financial advantage of energy efficiency, assess your total lighting solution and apply the appropriate solutions for the best lighting. Let us help you reduce energy consumption, lower your maintenance costs, and move one step closer to a sustainable future.

createchange® Products

LLHV Versabay® LED High Bay

VersaBay® LED combines powerful, high light output LED technology with remarkable energy savings for a quick return on investment.

LWC LED Premium Wraparound

LWC is a 10" wide wraparound with injection molded glowing ends sonically welded to the attractive acrylic prismatic lens.

LPT LED Enclosed and Gasketed Luminaire

LPT lensed striplight places high performance LED lighting under an attractive lens for glare reduction.

LRO LED Enclosed and Gasketed Luminaire

LRO offers an attractive alternate to bare LED strips, the LRO is available in 4' or 8' lengths with lumen packages from 2,700 to 19,200 nominal lumens.

LXEM LED Enclosed and Gasketed Luminaire

LXEM is a multi-functional enclosed LED product which serves rugged to severe conditions as well as food service areas.

LTRE Transition® LED Enclosed High Efficiency Architectural Lens

Transition® Enclosed LED (LTRE) is an architectural direct / indirect with a curved lens fully enclosing the LED compartment.

TRE Transition® Enclosed High Efficiency Architectural Lens

Transition® Enclosed (TRE) is an architectural direct / indirect with a curved lens fully enclosing the lamp compartment.

LLT LED Lensed Troffer

LED Lensed Troffer with Advanced Solid State Technology.

LSER Serrano® LED Architecturally Styled Luminaire

LED technology in an architecturally styled luminaire.

SER Serrano® Architectural Luminaire

Serrano® achieves performance and architectural elegance in a singular design.

LEPC e•poc® LED Full Distribution Luminaire

e•poc® LED combines the highly popular e•poc® full distribution luminaire with advanced solid state electronics from Universal Lighting Technologies.

TRA Transition® High Efficiency Architectural Lensed

Transition moves architectural, gull wing curves into the highest standards of lensed fixture efficiencies.

RKT Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit

Transform your existing 2x2 and 2x4 luminaires using the RKT retrofit kits and save on energy costs.

RKS/RKSR Industrial Striplight Retrofit Kit

Transform your existing 4' and 8' strip lights using the RKS/RKSR retrofit kits and save on energy costs.

XFSW – Severe Fiberglass Low/High Bay

4- or 6-Lamp IP67 rated NSF rated and 5VA fire rated low/high bay ideal for cold temperatures.

XTS – Enclosed and Gasketed Acrylic Tube, Severe Environment

2-Lamp, energy efficient, enclosed and gasketed lighting suitable for wet locations.

BIL – Bi-Level Luminaire

The Bi-Level Luminaire is a perfect solution for stairwell areas, as well as other low occupied areas as storerooms, restrooms and parking structures.

EPC – e·poc® Full Distribution Luminaire

A new epoch has dawned in indoor lighting, characterized by clean lines, full light distribution, low contrast luminance, and heightened attention to energy reduction and sustainability.

EMI – EnergyMax® Intersect

The EnergyMax® Intersect is a 2-lamp, energy-efficient, louvered luminaire designed to provide full distribution and energy savings in a crisp new look.

EMSE – EnergyMax® Stratus® E-Series

EnergyMax® Stratus® E-Series is a 2-lamp, high efficiency recessed indirect luminaire utilizing a tuned ballast to provide a great light output to energy use story.

EMX – EnergyMax® Parabolic

The 2-lamp EnergyMax® Parabolic luminaire is a system of tuned components designed to provide the perfect balance between light output and energy conservation.

LHV – VersaBay® High Bay

VersaBay® luminaires are the new industry standard for fluorescent high bay lighting with Advanced Thermal Management, serviceability and performance that is unrivaled in the marketplace.

ZPT – Zero Plenum® Troffer

A truly innovative luminaire, ZPT provides full distribution light with an aesthetic flair.

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Education and Resources

EPAct 2005

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 establishes a long-range energy policy to combat the nation’s growing energy crisis.


Standard 90.1-2001’s Section 9 details mandatory provisions related to lighting controls, tandem wiring, and exit signs.


The LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

Title 24

Title 24, Part 6, California Code of Regulations: California's Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings

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