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New Stratus-E Series Out Shines Competition

December 1, 2010–Greenville, SC:  The classic Stratus luminaire, already an excellent choice for many workplace and educational applications, has undergone a significant redesign. The improved efficiency ratings and enhanced aesthetics of the recessed direct-indirect Stratus-E series make it clearly superior versus other available designs. The accompanying palette of architecturally styled shieldings and companion fixtures enhance the depth and breadth of any space using recessed luminaire lighting designs.

The sleek new Stratus-E series features more balanced curves exuding elegance and sophistication. The radius of the perforated center basket mirrors the gull wing reflectors for a pleasing and elegant symmetry, while the matte white reflector balances the luminance of the perforated metal basket with its optical overlay. The resulting distribution lights and highlights both horizontal and vertical surfaces. A keyhole-mounted cover over a center wireway and a lighter, easier-to-handle body, make fixture maintenance a breeze.

While many elements have been improved, the Stratus-E series retains the proven curved light seal to assure a clean, tight edge between shielding and housing. The optional dust guard excludes environmental contaminants. With fixture efficiencies of up to 86%, Stratus helps satisfy stringent rebate requirements and green building standards.

The improvements to the Stratus-E Series combine with the tried-and-true to achieve a space sculpting, indirect distribution without compromising fixture efficiency.

Columbia Lighting products are marketed through electrical distributors to the electrical contractor and are installed in a variety of buildings such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, and libraries. Columbia Lighting maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing operations in Bristol, PA, and Juarez, MX. A long tradition of excellence and value has made Columbia Lighting one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers, exemplifying quality, performance, and value.

For additional information, follow these links to learn more about the Stratus-E STE and STEL.

Rhonda Rogers